Episode 15 | Uncle Comes To Town

0 Moe, Bones and Pickens creep out of town without a stop. Call them superstitious, but, they believe not stopping on the way out of town betters their chances of not looking suspicious. While jamming to some trippy guitar songs Moe threw together, Bones turns the music down and says to Moe, “You remember that surprise I was telling you about? I can get some Uncle.” “Really?” says Moe. Pickens just stares ahead then says, “I’ve been wanting to try that, but, I’m kinda scared. What if it’s not pure? I hear there’s nothing worse than some dirty Uncle.” “I hear there’s strychnine in it,” Moe says. “If you eat too much, you can be poisoned to death.” “Bull,” says Continue reading Episode 15 | Uncle Comes To Town

Episode 14 | Meet Pickens

0 Moe and Bones are on their way back into town. They are both laughing their asses off at absolutely nothing. Moe looks at Bones and bursts into laughter. Bones looks at Moe and bursts into laughter. Moe, driving about eighty miles per hour, is zipping through the zigzagged country roads he knows like the back of his thumb, not really looking out for the unexpected. Yes, Moe thinks to himself, The Hill. The Hill is a good time. It’s kind of scary, yet fun. You see, just at its crest, The Hill begins a sharp decline. The Hill cannot be seen while driving until you get over it. Once at The Hill’s crest, and traveling at least seventy miles per Continue reading Episode 14 | Meet Pickens

Episode 13 | Eleven O' Six AM

1 On his way to Bones’ house, Moe passes, head on, two SMPD squad cars with lights blazing past on the four lane toward Smell, just in front of Jmart. Whew! Moe thinks. That was close. I just got done dealing with those bastards. At least it’s around noon. Just in time to meet Bones. Moe pulls up to Bone’s house, a small white house three away from the corner, set on an alley corner lot. Not very distinguished, the house does not strike the view as anything but normal. Moe pulls up the alley and parks in Bones’ yard in front of the garage. Getting out his car, Moe walks up to the back door of the house. Peering inside the screen Continue reading Episode 13 | Eleven O' Six AM

Episode 12 | Country Cruising

1 Moe and Bones are friends, but neither one of them is really sure why. They have known each other for a long time and never really hung out until after high school. The two were in Boy Scouts together. Moe’s mom was their den leader. Go figure, Strongsville’s two most wanted this and that dealers in Boy Scouts together. This and thats, the common denominator in Moe and Bones’ friendship, bring many a good soul together, oh, the stories they could tell. The first time these two had any contact with each other concerning this or that, it was through a third party, Darrell. Yep, that was certainly a weird night… More had gotten off work at Jmart. It Continue reading Episode 12 | Country Cruising

Episode 11 | Delusions Of Grandeur

0 “Anyways, that’s pretty much what happened,” says Moe to Bones on the phone at nine-thirty in the morning, That smell, that morning smell still sickened Bones to the core. “So, what ya think, Bones? The this and that’s are gonna be some crazy times, Man, I can see it now: ‘Transcending souls greet voices of woes where trembles in fables defeat crossroads who decree oaths of allegiance to cells who carry a feeling from here to hell where prosper or fail is one’s wishing wail.“ “Why don’t you come over around noon or so,” Bones answers, “and we’ll wake n’ bake.” “Sounds like a plan to me. Later.” “Later.” Moe goes in the kitchen and grabs his daily Jethro bowl Continue reading Episode 11 | Delusions Of Grandeur

Episode 10 | The Proposition

2 Now out of his trance and with his self, Moe knows it is time for business again. He packs up shop, and, as he opens his car door and looks up at the three trees, whispers, “Shh, not a word guys. Let’s keep it to ourselves again. You’ve been a great audience as usual, but, I have to go now. My other audience awaits me.” Moe gets out of his car and leaves three trees to meet his dealer. A few minutes later, Moe pulls up to the old church. He looks all around, but his dealer’s car in nowhere in sight. I wonder where he’s at? thinks Moe. After a few minutes of waiting patiently, Moe decides to Continue reading Episode 10 | The Proposition

Episode 9 | Three Trees

9 “I struggle for control,” Moe hears from the other side of consciousness. What?, thinks Moe, Does the drive toward happiness control one’s perception? Moe still has about an hour or so until he has to meet his dealer. What to do? What to do, thinks Moe. “Three Trees!” Moe yells as he turns the music down. “I wonder if anyone is out there? I sure hope not,” Moe says as he looks over at one his true loves sitting in the passenger seat of his car. “Well, baby, what do you think? Should we try it, my love?” Sitting in Moe’s passenger seat is a perfectly built, gorgeous woman with long, flowing blonde hair. She looks over at Moe, Continue reading Episode 9 | Three Trees

Episode 8 | I Struggle For Control

0 …What the… Moe thinks to himself as he comes back to reality and realizes how foggy it is tonight. I knew I shouldn’t a smoke that joint. This fog is irradiating my vision, and that doob sure isn’t helping much “…but we all know that hat is wearing me,” came up from the 10″ LSX speakers blaring in Moe’s ears. Whoooooooa, thinks Moe. It is, isn’t it? If I were really in control, I would of obeyed myself and not smoked that joint. I would a thought, ‘Well, I’ve gotta go do something illegal…’ It’s not illegal. It’s unlawful. Ill eagle’s a sick bird, came the voice of Moe’s dad from deep in syne. Moe owes a lot of Continue reading Episode 8 | I Struggle For Control

Episode 7 | A Black Kingdom Come

1 “I know,” replies Moe, “They shouldn’t a been able to search my house like that.” “Good thing you hid that quarter you had in a good spot,” says Bones. “Yeah, the head rest of my recliner, the first spot I could get to and one of the only places those cops didn’t look!” “Dumbasses.” “I kept telling those jerkwads to get the hell out of my house because my parents left me in charge. They just said how Dude let them in and there was nothing I could do about it. Then I said, ‘But I’m in charge.’ They didn’t care. They told me if an eight year old neighbor boy is in my yard and the cops ask Continue reading Episode 7 | A Black Kingdom Come

Episode 6 | Apples and Orange Kush

0 Bones remembers exactly what happened the last time Moe’s parents left him alone. That idiot, Bones thinks, he really needs to learn how to believe in himself. When you feel something, you’re supposed to go with it. That something isn’t just  an emotion letting itself known. That something is the internal God we all possess, our mind so to speak; that still little voice inside our head that guides us to our destiny. Our body is just our vehicle we own right now. Our brain is our current level of advancement, like our own industrial factory, so to speak. The product we produce depends on our workers, machinery, house keeping routines and so on. Our reality is the collective Continue reading Episode 6 | Apples and Orange Kush